Ok, so here is my TV show idea. With my sponsors help, I would make a TV show called Charity and Travel. This show would consist of either a singular person or couple who spin a wheel with the names of many charities on it. Once one has been chosen, they will move on to the next area where they will choose how much they must make for this charity by randomly choosing a box or case. The next area is where they will pick another random box or case. In each case there will either be a 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or vacation symbol. For each symbol, they will either get 2/3/4/5 times the amount of money they make for the charity, so long as they meet their goal, or a week long vacation to a randomly selected destination. They will then go off and take a week to try and make their goal or as much as they can for the charity and once it is done, the money will be totaled and prizes awarded. In the week, a camera would tail them and watch how they make the money and what they do for that charity such as doing advertising or volunteer work.


Written by: Morgan Scully

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