Hey everyone. So, guess what! I am sick, tired and worn out haha. Not having the best week because of it.  Anyways, I finally got my first few papers in for the competition. Anyone every heard of Eyes Set To Kill? Well, that is the band which I am taking a song from to sing at the pageant. I have been practicing non-stop!! I am starting to really get into a dress search so that will be occupying a lot of time as well as doing fundraising. I am thinking of getting a catering company and holding a dance to raise money for Free the Children. I still need to think of what to do for the SPCA but I will figure something out. I’m starting to get more support now which is really helping bring my mood up. Stress is a huge mood killer haha! Anyways, I think I will go pass out now and try to get some stuff done before I do. Talk to you next time when I post.

Written by: Morgan Scully

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