Ok, I am starting this post off with a question. If you wear glasses or contacts, which do you prefer? I was at the eye doctors today and I am having trouble deciding if I should stay with contacts or go with glasses. Ugh, so confusing!! Anways, I am sort of worried about my cat Tigger. Jinxy is completely fine haha but he is getting to be 15. I may take him to the vet here soon just in case. I swear he has gone blind already. Tori, my little albino cornsnake, is doing pretty well and just shed her skin again. Last weekend I visited my dads in Calgary, Alberta. I got to see my new room, decorated in mostly red and black of course, as well as hang out with my best friend Emily again. I went dress shopping but didn’t really find anything this time. On Saturday I may head down to Regina. There is a nice store there to look for a formal gown annnd I can possibly squeeze in a date with a certain somebody. Anyways, I want to get back to my movie, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone, and I will post again soon.

Written by: Morgan Scully

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