Ok, so first off, I am going to list my events going on this week. Thursday, I am going to the SPCA to do my first video. Saturday morning I have the town parade where I will be riding with the mayor. Yay!! After that we have the town rodeo which lasts all weekend. I will be helping out at Lions park after the parade. Now, with events out of the way, I finally got my sash!! So excited!! To me, the sash is the clincher on the whole thing. It is basically the item that says you are doing this, this is for real. I can’t even begin to describe how I was feeling when I opened the envelope and put it on. Oh, on the third weekend of June I believe we are having our next garage sale where I will be collecting donations for the SPCA, Free the Children and sponsorship money for things I need to buy. Come on down as we have tons of stuff!!

Written by: Morgan Scully

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