Ok, on Sunday we had a couple presentations from some really strong women. We took a bunch of notes so here is my revisory of what they were saying.

Nadia Chong:

Nadia Chong started as a model with Ford when she was 17. She was a huge athlete in school as well as a tom boy. She never really believed in modelling before her dad took her to a modelling cast. She got in and went to work with Sutherland modelling. She soon became the face of Mac Cosmetics then became a stylist later on. She started Soi Boutique which encorporates health, beauty and style into their products as well as being all natural. A bit of advice she gave us was make sure to tell and develop your story as that is your life. Always keep growing and maturing as well as maintaining your passion, despite if it changes.

Alexandra Orlando:

Alexandra loved to write different things such as poetry and songs. She competed in gymnastics and went on to become an Olympian. She struggled with many insecurities and learned that nobody is perfect. It was a really hard road to the olympics with a complicated behind the scenes.Make sure to acknowledge everyone behind and ahead of you and don’t get cocky like she did at one point. She lost once and became very secluded and mentally lost. She finally realized it wasn’t about winning later on and that all experiences make you who you are and that you need to do what you feel is right. Any put downs placed on you just make you stronger, take huge risks and don’t be scared of failing. In 2008, she qualified for the Olympics and won many medals.

Natalie Archer:

Natalie is a dentist. She loves the mission statement of MTC-W. She says to always keep your opportunities open and that despite how much will be taken away, they can never take away your education so schooling is very important. Make sure to do everything, despite your opinion on said task. Pick a strategic location for your ventures or ideas, this will increase good possibilities and chances. Keep your ideas strong, prepare for tough choices and make sure to do advanced planning. Women need to take more financial and social risks, despite the tough decisions that pop up. Women nowadays are the main money earners in households, they set the limits and keep relationships strong. Things can get overwhelming easily so take time for yourself. Pick a good partner to help you out, have children early in life, join everything you want and follow your moral compass always.

Katrina Habbin:

Katrina is a health and fitness based woman. Since she was tall, she got called a lot of names in school though she never let it get her down. She tried out for the basketball team but she blew her chances with the WNBA since she blew out her knee. She created a new dream and didn’t give up. She said no to modelling as she was about a size 12 or 14 at the time. She tried to lose weight, gained and eating disorder before surrounding herself with nutritional people. She became a health trainer to help people feel good physically and mentally. She later on moved from Ottowa to Toronto and helped change Ben Berry to accept new sizes, shape and race.

Written by: Morgan Scully

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