Ok, I may not be in the best of moods the next few days. I haven’t been feeling well so I am going on monday to get my blood tested. My first ever blood test. In my entire freaking life. Let me let you in on a little secret……I can’t stand needles. I have never gotten them in my entire life except for freezing. At least until a couple months ago. I was in Calgary visiting my dad, step-mother and my best friend Emily who I have mentioned a couple times. Em and I decided to go to the pool for my last day, just a couple hours before my flight. Well, with my awesome luck, I slit my leg open, 5 inches long-1.5 inches across and right to the bone. I was cool with that. It will leave an awesome scar (Which it has) and the blood doesn’t freak me out. So I go to the hospital in the ambulance, calmer than my parents, friends or even the EMT’s. I get called in a while later and a nurse checks out the wound, washes it and applies some topical freezing which, by the way, burns as if a hot coal touched my skin. By that time, I was a bit nervous. I go into the next room where I will get more freezing and the stitches. That is where the needles come in. I start crying and have a full blown panic attack. Lets just say, not a pretty sight, especially with my dad, 5 nurses and a doctor trying to hold me down and still. I got 6 needles, not including the tetanus shot I got right after. Cue another freaking panic attack. Of course I was fine afterwards and was texting every single person I knew on the face of the earth but it was still a bad experience. Now you might see why I am not exactly excited about a huge needle being shoved into my body and about three tubes of blood being taken from my body. Does anybody happen to have some ideas or advice on how to make this easier? How much will the needle hurt? Even what to eat/drink afterwards would be great. Now I need to get some sleep as I am dead tired (Like I always am nowadays) and I will try to blog tomorrow.

P.S- Don’t look at the picture if you don’t like blood


Written by: Morgan Scully

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